How the BENEFIT CLUB developes brands of its members? (+)

Our goal is not to have all companies in our club.
The aim is that each of the companies highlight the competition with the quality of products and services, as well as the prices and benefits.
The companies with which we cooperate receive maximum promotional support with a solid business cooperation and various forms of advertising and communication with potential clients.

What if your company already has a loyalty card? (+)

Many companies already have some kind of loyalty card.
By joining the Benefit Club you do not lose your clients, but you get new ones because your loyalty cards usually have those who are already among your customers but Benefit Club Card can reach many more potential users.

Why to become Benefit Club Card User? (+)

Although there is a large number of company cards on the market that provides discounts on certain products and services, Benefit Club card provides a huge number of discounts on products and services in almost all spheres of life.

A territory in which it applies is growing every day and spread far beyond the territory the Republic of Serbia.
Soon you will have your favorite places in every city, in resorts and winter resorts in the country and abroad, in which additional benefits and discounts will be guaranteed with Benefit Club Card.

What if you have loyatly cards from the companies that also give discounts with Benefit Club card ? (+)

If you have some company’s loyalty card, you can use both, the one from company or your Benefit Club card.
It is on you to choose which card you want to use in certain case.

How to maximize the benefit of your Benefit Club Card? (+)

To maximize the benefit of your Benefit Club card, always pay attention, wherever you find yourself and whatever service or product you need, and make sure you if you have an object close to you with a Benefit Club card offers, discounts or additional benefits.
You can save more and have the opportunity to preserve money for the other needs.

Can you give us a proposal of some company that you would like to see it in our system ? (+)

Benefit Club is there for you.
You can always give us a proposal about the company you would like to see in Benefit Club, about some place or country, or some category that isn’t covered yet.
Please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to meet your needs.
Contact us

Who is the Organizer of Benefit Club? (+)

Founder and organizer of Benefit Club is company Stellen Business Consulting from Belgrade, Serbia.
We are in consulting industry, in various fields of business, for the eight years.
We have established Benefit Club in order to have the opportunity to participate in the growth and development of many companies (some of them are our clients), and to enable a large number of people to get Benefit Club cards and to save and profit with us.