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Discounts and benefits in one place

We have prepared an exceptional project of promoting products and services for your Company, as a member of the Benefit Club, as well as a wide range of discounts and benefits for you as the user of BENEFIT CLUB card.


Benefit Club is a project that, on the one hand, brings together companies that promote their products and services by giving discounts and benefits (Providers of discount) and, on the other hand, individuals and companies that use the discounts and benefits in their everyday life and business (Benefit club card Users).

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide excellent promotion for members of the BENEFIT CLUB, ie. Discount providers, as well as exceptional offer of discounts on various products and services necessary for the daily life of the cardholder.

Why to become a Member of Benefit Club as Provider of Discount?

The aim of the organizers of this project is not only a BENEFIT CLUB CARD distribution. Our goal is to actively develop the sales of goods and services through the organization of various aspects of the promotion of your company’s business (flyers, catalogs, promotional evenings, advertising, internet promotion …).

Why become a Benefit Club Card User?

Companies that provide benefits to their employees and conveniences for everyday shopping, relaxation, treatment, travel and other activities, are considered more desirable in the labor market, attract and retain the best human resources. 

Their employees feel privileged, favoured and generate multiple bonds of loyalty to the company.

Benefit Club Call Centar

+381 66 288 388 /every day from 9AM to 6PM CET/

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What else you should know…

Benefit Club every day increases with a large number of discount Givers all around the region, as well as the constant increase of the number of Benefit Club card Users. Join us, if you are not a privileged user of our Club yet. To become a Provider of discount, sign in here

To get your Benefit Club card and become a user of a wide range of benefits, privileges and discounts, fill out an application form at the following link

If you want to be our distributor or to become part of our team, please sign here ….